The Braun 760cc Razors, Series 7 For The Dapper Look!

Usually, every shaving razor companies claim that they provide the best shaving experience ever, with smooth chiselled looks that will turn heads. But in reality, they are just a bit better than their previous versions and nothing more. But someone who would knock all of them off is the Braun Series shaving razors. Customers swear by its perfect strokes and the way they make one look extra handsome. The Braun 760cc Series is the new entrant in the Braun series and is already the hot favourite among all the handsome hunks all over the world. It has been hailed as the best by the web page

Braun series is best known for their outstanding razors using “HyperLift Technology”, “Intelligent SyncroSonic Technology”, and has “10,000 cross-cutting actions per minute.” In simple words, it is the best accessory any man would just dash for.

Extraordinary Features
This razor provides you with the ultimate silky smooth look with its 0.5mm close cut shaving precision. It is 100% waterproof and is equipped with precision trimmers that wards off any possibility of sideburns. It also has three modes of shaving with one of them exclusively for sensitive skin areas. It also has best in class technology for cleaning up dense and thick beards. The head portion of the razor can be tilted to follow the contours of your face.The quality of Braun series razors is unparalleled as it proudly exhibits the quality of German made products in every single part of it.

Braun proudly claims that they are the one and only alcohol based, five action cleaning mechanism razors in the whole world. They make sure that the head portion of the razor is spotless and extra hygienic so as to ensure that the chances of catching an infection are absolutely nil. It is also equipped with a “fast cleaning” mode so as to ensure that the razor is ready to be used within a short span of 30 seconds. The cleaning process ensures that the head is spick and span without any traces of dirt or hair in it.

Exquisite In Looks, Ergonomic In Design
These razors look just dapper. It’s perfect sleek looks just drool worthy. It is silver coloured with chrome options, dark grey coloured with matching black and dark grey charging and cleaning units. It has a cool blue coloured LCD display too. It is a perfect fit in your hands with perfectly tapering curved handles to make sure the razors won’t slip off.

Perfect, Unparalleled Shaving Finish
The shaving finish could be described nothing short of terrific! It gives you the smart chiselled looks that make you stand out in a crowd. The cutting edge technologies like Hyperlift technology ensures that the hairs are lifted from the face before removing it. The Optfoil technology protects your skin from the direct contact of the blade. Thus, the Braun series is making a wave of extraordinary shaving experience for its exclusive customers. Look and feel like a million bucks with the ultra-smooth shaven looks.

So reach out for a Braun razor and get that smooth shave that you rightly deserve.