Process Of Choosing The Right Knife

There are innumerable varieties of knives available in the market, but not all serve our exact purpose. This write-up throws light on the information of knives to be included in our collection at home. Books and E-articles on beginner guide to knives help us in differentiating between the types of knives and the best ones to use. There is a website that shows the research on the knives and cutlery in 2018 For More Info on different categories and bibliography of all the famous and most used knives check here.
We need not buy all the knives available on the market. Based on the dishes we prepare and the type of food and cuisine we prefer to eat, we can choose the kind of knife. We have multipurpose knives also.

The main categories of knives:
Chef’s knife- This knife is used for dicing, chopping, and slicing.
Paring knife- This knife is used for peeling and removing seeds.
Utility knife- This knife is intermediate between paring and chef’s knife.
Bread knife- This knife is used for slicing bread.
Steak knife- This knife is used to deal with steak and meat dishes.
Fillet knife- This knife is used to fillet meat and fish.
Boning knife- This knife is used to remove bones from meat.
Carving knife- This knife is used to carve slices of meat.
Cleaver knife- This knife is used for cutting through bones and joints.
Santoku knife- This knife is used for dicing, chopping, and slicing.

The knives used for specific tasks:
This knife is the best choice for sushi makers at home. It has a flat and even cut at one end and flat ground on the other for superior grip. Flatness is its asset, and it will last for years. It has to be maintained well in the aspect of sharpness.
Cheese knife:
This knife is perfect for cheese lovers. The cheese does not stick to the knife and serving becomes easier. There is a cheese knife set for all the varieties of cheese.
This half crescent-shaped knife is used for fine chopping the herbs. Moving it forward and backward help in cutting the herbs correctly.
Veggie knife:
As the name says, these knives with thin, angled, broad, tapered blades are perfect for chopping the vegetables with ease and in less time frame.
This knife is mostly used by the Japanese and prevents sticking of thin and soft slices of food to the blade by creating air pockets. The shape of the blade is sheep’s foot that facilitates up and down motion of chopping.
The carving set:
Chicken or roasted legs of lambs can be carved perfectly with this set. The fork with two prongs keeps the meat still and prevents damage. The long narrow blade cuts through the joints and makes perfect slices.
The chef’s knife sets are entirely handcrafted and have the most classic shapes. The paring knives have both straight and serrated blades. Utility knives are for multitasking like cleaning, cutting, and slicing. Fillet knives are for delicate fish and meat dishes.
The order of knife collection is chef, paring, utility, bread, steak, fillet, boning, carving, cleaver, Santoku, veggie, mezzaluna, cheese, and sashimi.

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