A Revolution In Urban Gardening – Garden Tower

Many are embracing organic food for its goodness and simplicity. Organic food is free of fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides. It helps to detox your body and keep it free from chemical intervention. garden tower reviews prove their success. If you have a review, you can add it here. Tower garden can be run from the kitchen scraps as it is a good source of nutritional compost. Forget about expensive fertilizers and chemicals to run your garden. The tower concept is self-reliant and grows on the food waste from your home. All you need is four square feet of space, and you can have about 50 food producing plants either on your terrace, patio or balcony.

The vertical garden is the future of urban gardening. In the space-constrained home of the city finding garden space is a luxury. Spread them in your yard, and it gives you an opportunity to produce more food in a confined space. There is no need to cure the soil or weed the plot.

Garden Tower Composter
Vertical vermin composting is a self-fertilizing system, where there is no need for chemical fertilizing. Inside the tube add worms during the start of the season. The kitchen vegetable waste can be loaded into the vertical column in the center of the garden tower. The worms have the potential to convert the waste into organic compost helping your plant to grow further with all the natural elements and without any added chemicals. The compost activated by the worm is said to be the cleanest way to improve the growth of the plants. This is available for free, and all you need to do is to use it instead of throwing it. The kitchen waste is converted into superior compost that offers nutrition to your plants.

Reasons To Grow Food On Your Own
· Get instant relief from poisons from weed killer like glyphosate and GMOs.
· It prevents the use of illegal pesticides banned in most countries. It gives you complete control of the food you intake.
· Pollutants like heavy metals and other toxic pollutants are a common site for a farm located near factories. Their harmful ingredients are irrigated along with the industrial waste.
· No more worries of spending loads of money on organic food, when it is grown in the confines of your home safe and away from pollutants.
· Who can tax you when you grow food at home? But if you buy food from the groceries, you are bound to pay taxes.
· Homegrown crops are rich in nutrimental value as you know what went inside. It is superior in quality and good for health.
· Save your children from exposure to cancer-causing pesticides. Let them eat only the food you grow in your garden.
· It reduces the consumption of fossil fuel. Food transported from a far-off place only adds to the already overloaded pollution. Protect the environment and save the earth from destruction.

Hence, opt for a garden tower and grow your food! You can feel content that you know you are not consuming any harmful chemicals in the form of food.