Grow Area Air Circulation Tips


Just like every other plant, sunlight, water and air are necessary for cannabis plants too. Air management in cannabis grows area is a critical factor. It is key to the success of your growing plant. Something like a 4 inch inline fan is an excellent choice for facilitating air circulation. After going through this review, you will understand the exact utility of air flow in a growing area. You have to make sure that your cannabis plants are growing in the most supportive environment. It will also save you other grow space related problems. Your cannabis plant needs air for several reasons. Use the right device and the proper method to help your cannabis plants breathe.

Cannabis plants have to respire like a living organism. To perform at their fullest potential plants too need a well-ventilated area to grow. It will help them develop to their full potential and benefit the grower. Plants respire more at night, therefore, make sure the night temperature of the grow area is lesser than day temperature. Maintenance of a growing area requires a slightly more considerable amount of care than developing in a natural environment.

Air circulation is good for cannabis growth
Just like humans who perform well when they can breathe properly, same goes for plants like cannabis. The more they respire, the more they develop the power to grow. Based on the size of your grow area the size of the type of technique you use will differ. Indoor air management focuses on their major areas only. In exchange, air circulation and cleaning of the stomas. They are vital for the growth of cannabis plants.

Air circulation will also help the grow area reach the required temperature. It also ensures that the humidity and oxygen level inside the grow area is appropriately maintained. Without the proper environment inside a grow area, the growth of plants will be hampered. Slower plant development is also one significant issue arising from improper air circulation. Mold growth inside the grow area happens when the air circulation is not maintained rightly.

All you need
Starting with an exhaust fan, it is a must for your grow area. It takes away all the oxygen deficit air and makes the grow area environment best-suited one. Another fan known as the intake fan is needed. It is quite similar to the exhaust fan but serves a different operation. It brings in the fresh air and it is the oxygen-rich air that is needed for your plant. Acoustic box is an optional device that can help you get rid of the fan noise. Big sized fans are noisy; however, their sound can be dampened. The carbon filter is another important device that is a must. It will take away all the bad smell out from the grow room. A ventilation duct can serve you similar purpose. Floor fan can be used to circulate air in the base area of the grow room. Circulation, so air near the base is equally important.