Must Have Safety Gear For Welding


Welding is a job that involves risks. These risks can be due to an electric shock, inhaling toxic gases, injury to eye or burns to the skin. To prevent such injuries gears which protect you from damages which includes clothing and boots for welding, helmets, and shields. Moreover, choosing the right safety gear will prevent you from pressing injuries when you are welding apart from following the necessary safety rules as mentioned in The best part of choosing the right clothing and gear is that it is easy to find it.
Apart from the helmet which should have arc sensors, shade settings and auto-darkening that will provide enough visibility and also protect your eye from flashes. Your welding gear should include proper clothing that will shield you from sparks that can burn your skin. Also, wearing long-sleeved clothes is equally essential to protect skin from splinters and UV rays which cannot be covered by gloves.

Welding clothes
The best clothes for welding should be something that does not catch fire quickly. It can be
● Leather
● Denim
● Wool.

Do not wear synthetic material while welding as they easily catch fire and burn your skin. Cotton clothing can be used as they can quickly be doused if they catch fire due to a spark. Wearing leather is best as it does not catch fire very easily, you should also consider wearing several layers of clothes if you are working in cold conditions.

Welding Jackets: A welding jacket is made of leather and is very heavy offering a lot of protection. That is suitable for colder conditions than warmer ones as you tend to feel warmer due to sparks generated while welding, hence not suited for wearing in temperate regions.

Welding Bibs and aprons: You can wear bibs for protecting your neck, chest, and shoulders. A welding bib that hangs from your helmet is the best choice. Another advantage of this it protects your arms from heat and helps you stay cool while you are welding.
Aprons are used to protect your body while providing free movement to your arms. Aprons like welding jackets are made of leather although there are some which are made of cotton which can be used in places which is hot.

Welding boots: Boots which are made of steel can save you from pain as welding involves moving heavy things and they can fall on your foot. These boots also protect you from sparks and heat produced during welding. Ensure that you wear proper footwear as you may feel pain in your feet if you buy low-quality boots.

Welding involves a lot of arcs which is operated at high power and hence it is critical that you wear clothes that are not wet and also inflammable while you are working. Never wear a damp cloth as you can get an electric shock due to it, and as the wet cloth sticks to your body, any spark during work can burn your skin. Other tips while working include buttoning your shirt and wearing proper size clothes. Most people tend to ignore these tips and have had painful injuries.

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